I had a date with the Lord Saturday night!

The Worship Center had an awesome guest speaker – apostolic leader, Danny Steyne. God used 3 of my friends to make sure I attended Danny’s meeting Saturday night (I am grateful – thank you Tami, Katherine, and Tom).

(Sorry the pictures are so blurry. I took them with my Blackberry.)

I watched as the other worshipers danced around with flags — beautiful flags of different colors. I thought to myself, “Father, that once was me. Several years ago I would have been up front dancing and worshiping You. But now … sigh …” It just seemed too much of my past (not the dancing & worshiping — just the flags). God is doing a new thing in my life.

I did own about 40 worship flags of different sizes, colors, materials. Notice I said, “DID” … I left them for the youth to use at our new church and someone decided they needed them worse than me (ha). I haven’t seen them in over a year. Honestly, I believe I needed to let them go. They kept me connected to a painful time of war.

As you know, I have been in a strange season — unsure of “who” I am now. Unsure of what God wanted me to do.

Years ago I had a plan — I had direction. Things happened that totally rattled my world.

Last night after the message, each of us received ministry. WHAT A BLESSING! There is nothing like having the Lord share your heart with a complete stranger — confirming things that are only between you and Him.

I can’t share things that were said, but I received some wonderful confirmations. The junk from my past assignment has been broken off of me in the Name of Jesus. Soul ties with those folks — severed. Lies that satan tried to whisper to my heart about my last assignment have been broken off of me as well. Judgments made against me — broken. Battle scars are GONE!

Woo hoo! I am THANKFUL to be free and healed from that mess. You have no idea.

I once was ordained — it was taken away by man — now I am COMMISSIONED by God. I wish I could say more. I know I’m being vague. Please forgive me.

The Lord even confirmed WHY this seemed to be a strange season. (Thank You Father!)

Lion of Judah ROAR.

Revelation 5:5
… Do not weep! See, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has triumphed …

Even though I didn’t feel drawn to pick up a worship flag at The Worship Center, the Lord told an Intercessor/Missionary to give me her Lion Of Judah scarf/flag. What a precious gift.