I had the most wonderful birthday. Yes, the big 4-2! Yes ladies, I’ll share my age. God has great things planned for this 42 year old! This is going to be a big year!

This is a picture in my awesome church. My dear friend Katherine is pictured first. She and I have been friends a good 20 years. The other lovely lady on the right side of the picture is my friend Ashley. We have been friends for at least 14 years. Ashley and her husband Greg came to church for my birthday. What a sweet blessing!

I do believe I tortured Greg to take this shot. Look at that forced smile on his face. Ha.

After church, we went to Firebirds to eat (yum!). I haven’t been there since I met with my bloggy friends! Here is my sweet hubby.

After lunch we changed into swimsuits and headed to my friend Connie’s pool.

Connie has been my friend for a good 13 years I’m sure. I think she came into my life around 1996. :o) She and her sweet husband Michael cooked supper for us. IT WAS DELICIOUS! We had such a great time! Here is a picture of them as we drove away.

I really do have the best friends in the world. I am such a blessed woman.