IMG_5939I am SO blessed to have been given my parent’s grandfather clock.  Material things don’t hold that much weight with me, but I am a sentimental lady.

We moved furniture out of my parent’s home on Sunday.  It was the only time we had available.  Interesting that it was Father’s Day.

Over the years, I never really wanted it.  My Mama said it would be mine, but honestly — my house is wall to wall furniture as it is and I really didn’t have room for it.

But now that it has been a year since both of my parents died, the clock means more to me.  My Mama gave it to my Daddy Christmas Eve of 1985.   He didn’t know what the big surprise was all about, but Mama nervously paced the floors until it arrived at 10pm!   I wasn’t even allowed to wind it up without Mama micromanaging how I did it.   Now when I wind it up, I hear her in my thoughts, “Don’t pull the weights all of the way to the top!”  I know Mama.  I know ….

I also NEVER KNEW the Westminster Chimes could be cut off!  Yes, there is a silent switch.  That worked out perfectly for sleeping hours around here.  Yay!

It makes me smile, just knowing I have a piece that meant so much to them.

Once a parent dies, there is really nothing left to hold onto other than memories, trinkets, and whatever legacy they left behind.

In Job chapter 7, the scriptures state that LIFE is but a BREATH.

A breath is here, then suddenly gone without a trace.

What type of legacy will I leave my child?   One day she will have the decision to keep or sell things that belonged to her parents, grandparents, and some great grandparents — trinkets of times gone by.   But what will she say about the way I lived my life?   Will the fact that I love Jesus outweigh any of my mistakes in her mind?    Does she see me act like Jesus?

I want my legacy to be one of integrity and love.   I want people to say that I loved others and was quick to help those in need.

Even while I’m here on earth, I want my Father in heaven to be pleased with me and hear, “Well done Daughter.”

What do you want to leave behind when you walk into eternity?

Even if you don’t want to think about stuff like this today, please realize that your soul will not die when you leave this earth.  It will either go to heaven or hell.  Spirit life does not end here when you breathe your last breath.   And as Job said — our lives (on earth) are but a breath.   What about the REST of eternity?

Please secure your salvation with Jesus today.  Give your life to Him and repent for your sins.  Only His innocent blood can wash away your sins and give you eternal life.   Begin to leave a GOOD legacy for those you leave behind one day.

If I may help you in your decision, please contact me.

Have a blessed Tuesday everyone!