God has been so faithful to unlock a desire that has been stirring in my heart for several years now.

Back in 2012 I had a couple of short visitations to heaven.   I know that sounds very strange to some of you.   No, I didn’t leave my body, but it was more like a vision in my mind.  It was as real as me typing this post and has remained clear in my mind since that day.   When I had the visit, I immediately wanted to find someone to paint what I had seen, but HOW could I really describe it?   And how could someone truly understand the purity of it all?

Fast forward a few years.  The pictures I see in my heart for others have increased and the desire to record them on paper has too.   So here I am today … finally drawing what I see in my heart.   I am not what some would call an artist, but just a Jesus lover wanting to share my heart.

These are a couple of the pictures I have drawn.   The picture at the top (inspired by Bethel’s song I’m in Over My Head) was with oil pastels and the second (below) with Prisma pencils.

I am excited to see what God will continue to unlock as this gift unfolds.

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I appreciate your prayers and support.

To God be all of the glory!