I can’t believe another year is almost behind us!

I thought I’d share some posts from 2012 that stand out to me.    I pray you will enjoy them!   For those who are new here, just click on the red, underlined links.

Do you realize the power of your words?  If not, click on the link:  You are what you speak.   It isn’t just our spoken words, but you are what you think too.

Do words alone change your atmosphere?  What about your thoughts?  Find out here:  They take ROOT.  Beware!

Did you realize Your Mind is like Soil?   Here is some FOOD FOR THOUGHT over here too:  A meal for your conscience.

Are you content?  How about content in bondage?

Are you interested in expanding your understanding and worshiping God with both sides of your brain?

Did you know that most of our embodied, emotional experience of God is guided by brain activity in our right brain?   (I didn’t either.)  If we overly intellectualize our study of scripture, we only stimulate neural activity and growth (SNAG) in the left brain (which is especially logical, linear, and linguistic) — thereby just bringing changes to our HEAD knowledge of God.    The exercises are designed to strategically SNAG the right brain, thereby disentangling us from “auto pilot” and positioning us to better hear the Holy Spirit’s transformative, life-giving words to our heart.     Find out how to SNAG God’s Word, HERE.

Do you ever feel pressured and compressed?  You aren’t alone.  Read about that HERE.

Do you want your faith ignited?  See what Elijah did and what the possibilities are for you and me by visiting my post A Man to be Feared.


Do you need healing?  Have you told God how it will happen?  Read this post and see if there are healing nuggets to gather:  Words, Hems, and Hands — Oh my!

Do you need a breakthrough?  I believe it begins with this key:  Are you knocking?  If so, are you finding?  I’m Finding!

Do you hunger for more than this world can offer?  Me too:  Ruined for the Ordinary.

Don’t be foolish.   There is a great story of some women who were:  Wise or Foolish?  I pray none of us would be found foolish.



Are you curious about the subject with a title like this?  As they fall, you will soar!

Each of us should write one of these:  A Letter to My Younger Self.

Oh be careful little eyes what you see!  It Started with a Glance!

Finally, I will leave you with some advice:  Advice for Younger Women.

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I pray each of us seek the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob in 2013!   <—– Tweet this by clicking HERE.