This morning as a part of the 40 Days for Life spring campaign, I stood outside of an abortion clinic and prayed. I was accompanied by two sweet women who bought into the lie of abortion being a right solution many years ago. Today, they each stood by the driveway, hoping to stop someone from making the same mistake. I was honored to be with these two wonderful, brave women: Deanna at Reviving Mothers and Pam at Pam’s Journey of Grace.

Fortunately, business was slow this morning. My friend said that she had heard the abortionists prefer scheduling abortions on Thursdays and Fridays so that the women can rest over the weekend.

I have to tell you, it was a creepy feeling. Perhaps I am totally naive about these things, but the buildings are so non-descriptive. What did I expect — a neon sign flashing “abortions take place here?” Sigh … At the end of both of the driveways, there was a stench in the air. I wondered if we were smelling something in the spirit or worse.

There was one couple who pulled in, and read our signs (about God knowing the child before he is formed in the womb) as they parked. The man dropped off the young lady and pulled away. The abortion clinic had locked the doors and she couldn’t get in. That gave my two friends a few seconds to tell her that a place right around the block gave FREE ultrasounds (a LIFE giving place), whereas this clinic would charge her. I really thought they were going to get through to her, but after a while someone finally let her in the clinic. I believe God gave her another chance to flee, but she finally went through the doors. Her face is still etched in my mind and I pray that somehow she and her boyfriend will choose life. Somehow they will allow love to touch their hearts.Just a side note: How cute is Deanna in that hat? Just adorable.(Deanna took this picture of me — yes, it was very cold out and yes, that is snow behind me. I do believe Deanna was trying to get a blackmail shot of my black furry hat.)

This is something I need to do on a regular basis. My friend said that there are groups who are more “in your face” with pictures of guts and gore that greet the women who come on the weekends. Maybe the shock value will scare them away, but I pray people would follow God’s leading in reaching these women.

I really should do more research. One of my friends today shared how there was a lady whose job was to do inventory on the pieces of the babies after the abortions. She hated her job — can you imagine? This pro-life group found her a new job (hallelujah!). Did you know that they sell these baby parts to researchers? It is so disgusting that I can hardly think about it. The abortionist get money from these women, then they make money off of the poor chopped up babies as well.

Please pray that these women are reached, shown love, and shown an alternative to abortion. There are many couples who would love to adopt these precious little ones.

My friend Pam at Pam’s Journey of Grace wrote about our trip today as well. Please read her post. Click here. Deanna posted about today too. Click here.Someone had placed several of these crosses (made out of orange peels) in front of the abortion clinic. Deanna took these pics and shared with me.