IMG_5824Wow, I did NOT see this post from Marsha Burns until today.  This was her prophetic word for June 13th.   It fits in perfectly for Lisa-Jo Baker’s 5-Minute Friday party.   Today’s prompt is:  LISTEN


In a vision I saw a group of people, whether a family group or otherwise connected I did not know.  And, there were sounds from heaven sent to awaken them spiritually.  Some were too occupied with their tasks to hear the sweet, melodious tones.  They dashed around as though time was running out and their work of vital importance.  There were others who were not hearing the sounds because they couldn’t conceive  of such a thing.  The thing that mattered most to them was the material world, money and belongings.  Still others had a very high opinion of themselves and deemed themselves to be smarter than most.  Others could not hear the sounds because they were unfulfilled, disappointed, depressed and unhappy.  And, others couldn’t hear the sounds because of worry, fear, and condemnation.  But, there were those whose hearts were humble and open.  They desired to see and hear beyond natural things; beyond the confines of things taught by men; beyond places of bondage and restraint.  They heard the ethereal sounds and were transformed. 

Matthew 13:9
“He who has ears to hear, let him hear!”

Oh how I pray I have ears to hear!   I want to hear the ethereal sounds of heaven and be transformed.

Do you hear the sounds?

Listen …

Almost every morning I go out on my screened-in porch and talk with the Lord.   I want to HEAR.   I want to be humble and open.

I am excited about the future with God and I want to be prepared for what is to come.

Wow, wasn’t Marsha’s vision spot on?  I can totally visualize what she saw and I can easily see it happening in the world.   So many people aren’t concerned about their salvation or the things of God.

Listen, Be Changed.

If you aren’t spending time with God — don’t wait until it is too late.  Prepare your hearts now for what is to come.

God loves you!

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