Several big things happened this weekend.  Some good, some not.

My mother-in-law came home from the hospital and hopefully she will be back to normal soon.    After she made it home, she received news that her sister died.   Now she is the last one remaining of her siblings.  So sad.   Please say a prayer for her and the family as we go through the funeral.   I pray her sister’s children will feel God carrying them.

Saturday morning I decided to give away our rooster, Oscar.  Sigh.  Even as I type this, I miss hearing him, “Cock a doodle dooooo” from 4:30am until …

It is very quiet.

A friend of mine took him to her neighbor who had just lost his rooster last week.  I pray Oscar doesn’t walk into the same fate as the last rooster (attacked by a dog).  I’m sure he was happy to have a new harem – uh, I mean flock of hens.  Maybe some of my girls will grow their feathers back now and have a breather.

Saturday night we were heading to our vehicle and my husband needed my keys (he didn’t grab a set on the way out).  As I pulled out my keys, my iPhone came flying out of my purse and landed face down on our pavement.  I was almost afraid to look.  Up until this point I have been blessed by dropping my iPhone with no consequences.  Well, this wasn’t one of those times.  I looked and the screen was cracked in several places.  Waaaaaaaaaaa!!!   I was grateful that it still worked!  Of course, I didn’t get a picture of the screen because I use my iPhone to take pics of everything.   This picture is NOT of mine, but the crack looked like this.  Sigh.

I received all kinds of advice from my friends.  Some wanted me to go to stores within the mall to get the screen repaired at a cheaper rate.  Some wanted me to get a kit and replace it myself.  Uh — that is NOT even going to happen.   I decided to take it back to Apple because I did pay for the Apple Care Plan.   Guess what?  Apple Care has been improved to the Apple Care PLUS plan (hmph).  And you can’t purchase the PLUS unless you are buying a new phone.  (How rude.)  The PLUS plan would have given me more protection (figures).

Long story made short — I had to switch out my iPhone to another iPhone (but not a “s” because I can’t upgrade yet).   Bad news … nothing switches over except for my contacts (though I’m grateful I didn’t lose them).  I had to reload all of my fancy applications and find pictures to assign to everyone’s name in my contact list (ha).   I still have more work to do.

NOW I am in the process of figuring out Apple iCLOUD.

I have it uploaded and ready to go.  Now I guess I will have to take some pictures to see if they are transferred.  I’ll keep you posted.

Have a great Monday everyone!

God loves you!

(Photo credit:  iPhone iCloud)