Happy 5 year Blogoversary to me!

Wow, I can’t believe it has been 5 short years!

I am linking with my friend Brandi with Noonday Collection to celebrate my special day!  Here is just a tidbit about Noonday Collection:

The Noonday Collection offers fashion forward accessories for you and your home handcrafted by artisans from around the world that receive a living wage for their work. Every item is handcrafted in style, with love, and creates a pathway out of poverty for these artisans. Proceeds also help place orphans in forever families. Through fun trunk shows and an inspired websites, we are helping YOU to become part of the story!

In honor of you, my bloggy friends, Noonday Collection would love to give you this adorable pair of hoop earrings. aren’t just ANY hoop earrings, but there is a story behind the artisan who created them.

Here is a testimony from one of the women who make pieces like these hoops:


“This program has changed my life. I can take care of myself and my daughter.”
I used to sell food from the country side in the city and had a good life with my family. My husband became ill and died, so to support my daughter and I,  I left her with family members in the country side and went to the city to get work in an Arab country. After I filled out my application, I had to get tested for HIV. I found out I was positive. I was shocked. I decided to stay in the city and move to Entoto because I heard I could be healed by the holy water. I thought I could be healed then go back to my daughter and everything would be okay. After 3 years I decided to return to the country to get my daughter and move her to Entoto with me. I got her tested and she came back positive too. I have now been at Entoto for 8 years. I joined the jewelry making program in the beginning, 4 years ago. I am so thankful I do not have to stay at home alone all day. I love coming to work and talking to everyone. I tell them everything. They are like family to me. In the future I would like to save enough money to move into the city so my daughter and I can have a better life. When they first started the savings accounts here I did not like it and did not understand it. But now I am so happy to have it. I recently had some kidney problems and I was able to use money from my savings to help pay for it.

Would you like to join in the fun?  I hope you will play along!  With each “like” on Noonday Collection’s Facebook page, you will be drawing others to a great organization.

Here are some of the ways you can participate in the drawing:  (The more steps you take below, the more entries you will have for the earrings.)

1.  Follow my blog via email (since I am still grieving the loss of Google Friend Connect – sniff, sniff).

2. ” Like” my blog on Facebook.  Click HERE.

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4.  Be kind and direct your friends over to my place for the giveaway — via FB or on your blog.

5.  Click on this Noonday Collection button below and tell me what piece you like.

Please leave me a comment telling me how many steps you completed.

I will use to pick the winner later in the week.  If you aren’t a blog owner, but would like to enter to win — just leave me your email address.

It has been my honor to get to know so many of you over the years!  Thank you for reading my ramblings!

God bless you all!