Today I link with the lovely Bonnie Gray ~ you know, the Faith Barista.   She asked that we share  whatever we want about the time we spend alone with God.

Well, I am bursting to share what happened yesterday, so to tie it into alone-time with God I must talk about my heart’s desire.

If you have visited my blog on a consistent basis, you have picked up on the fact that my heart’s desire is to see the sick healed, the bound/tormented set free, and for Christians to walk in the AUTHORITY we believers have been given.

I love spending time with God!

I love feeling His presence!

I love reading His Word!

My faith is not just private between me and the Lord, but I share my faith with those who cross my path.

Yesterday, my daughter and I went to the bank to handle some paperwork.  When we met with the bank employee, he said he had thrown his back out and was in a lot of pain.  He had spent the weekend on the floor — lying on his back.  OUCH!  He could barely stand up to greet me when we walked into his office.

Of course, you know how banks are — the offices have glass walls, right?  Got a visual?

I was sitting across the desk from him (29 year old man who was raised in church but not currently going) in this glass room.

I asked him, “Do you have one leg longer than the other?”  He said, “Actually my pelvis is out of alignment.”

I began to share with him how God had grown my leg and how I have prayed over many people and have seen backs and legs healed.  He was unsure about it all, though he shared how his brother had received a miracle when the elders of the church prayed over him years ago.   He got up and closed his glass door so we could have more privacy.

He told me he didn’t think people had to actually “lay hands” on others.   I said, “Will you let me pray for you and see what happens WITHOUT me laying my hands on you?”  I prayed for him with my eyes open.  He looked at me and I looked at him.    I cursed the pain in his back and cursed any trauma associated with the pain.  I commanded all swelling to go in Jesus’ Name.  Then I said, “Move around and see if you’re still in pain.”  He began to move and his eyes got really big!  He said, “It is better!”   So I prayed again and he said, “Wow, I have to get up to test this out!”  He was amazed!

Then the man said, “That’s impressive!”  I told him it wasn’t me, but God was the Healer!  As we continued to talk he said he felt something in his stomach (like riding a roller coaster) when I prayed for him.   I was SO excited to hear that he had a new experience in the Lord!

I got there at 1:30 and left at 3pm!

Back to my time alone with the Lord.  I am always asking Him to use me and today He did.

It made my day!

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