Hi Friends!  Who doesn’t like a yummy pound cake?  Of course there are bunches of recipes floating around, but I recently tried this one and thought you might like it too.

I found the recipe on Paula’s blog, Call me PMc.  Since she doesn’t want her recipe copied, I need to send you to her blog.

Something didn’t want me to make this cake!   The first attempt:  I left the butter out to warm to room temperature, but my husband saw it on the counter and put it back in the fridge.    The second attempt:  I didn’t leave enough butter out.   It takes 4 sticks, and I only took out 2.   The third attempt, the beater knocked my egg into the bowl!  In my panic to turn off the mixer, I turned it on HIGH and the egg shell exploded all in the batter.   What a waste!  I wasn’t happy, but I had to throw it all away.   LESSON LEARNED.  DO NOT CRACK THE EGG ON THE MIXER BOWL.  HAVE EGGS ALREADY BROKEN AND POURED INTO A SEPARATE BOWL!

I didn’t give up though — I was determined!

Ok, back to my happy place.   I love to use my Pampered Chef bundt cake “pan” (though it is really a baking stone).   Yay!   I had another reason to use my bundt dish!   Paula warned that this cake was going to be tall and wow, she was right!

I should have known this cake was going to grow like crazy!   Now I understand why Paula mentioned wax paper to make the pan/bowl taller.

Here is my batter BEFORE I placed it in the oven.

While it was baking it grew!

Even though I didn’t add wax paper to make the bowl taller, it turned out fine.

Yes, it is delicious!   I would offer you a piece if I could.

Since I can’t copy the ingredients or recipe — I am sending you over to Paula’s blog.   Visit her and find the delicious cake recipe by clicking HERE.

Since my favorite type of pound cake is lemon flavored, I will use lemon extract next time.

I hope you enjoy!

Happy Baking!