Anyone in the mood for pies? I rarely bake around here (because I DON’T NEED TO EAT THIS STUFF), but I baked something for a friend on Tuesday. To be more specific, I baked her a delicious coconut pie! My mother-in-law gave me this scrumptious, easy-peazy recipe!

My friend’s family enjoyed the pie so much, I decided to bake her another one today. The recipe makes two pies — so I decided to make FOUR pies and give them away.

Ta daaaaa!

Too bad you can’t smell these! Ah, and the taste … yum!

Well, it wouldn’t be nice if I didn’t share this incredibly easy recipe with you! Enjoy and share with your guests. They will think you slaved in the kitchen for sure. (BTW … I use the frozen pre-cooked regular pie shells and I use real butter.) Click on the recipe if you want to enlarge it.

Princess enjoyed the first piece!