I know I have been quiet this week …  Three different posts have been attempted, but were left in the draft pile — incomplete.

But something fun happened today!  My friend Debra stopped by for a visit this morning which provided a great photo opportunity for me to share with you.

She was headed to her daughter’s school for chicken day!  Her daughter was able to declare this as chicken day in her class, so Debra was on her way with one of their hens for “show and tell.”

Introducing ….


She is an Americana cutie.

No really, her breed is Americana.

When I first looked into her little eyes she looked like a big bird, but not a chicken.   Remember, I only have Rhode Island reds and they all have big red combs on top of their heads.  Piper only has a tiny comb between her eyes.

Piper is gentle and is a cuddle chicken (according to her “mom” Debra).

Oh, and just in case you didn’t notice, she was all dressed for her big visit at school.

Her nails were painted:

And they matched her pants.  Yes, I’m serious.  She was wearing red and white polka-dotted diapers.  Ha.

No, your eyes aren’t playing tricks on you.  She really is wearing a chicken diaper.

Isn’t she sassy?  She is working that diaper!

I thought you’d find her cute too.

Thanks for bringing her by to see me Debra!  Now I want some Americana chickens too so that I can get some green eggs.

Have a super blessed day everyone!