I had a couple of revelations today that I thought I’d share with you.   First, I used my KitchenAid chopper as I was preparing veggies for some corn salad (recipe here).

My first revelation~

It looks pretty and all that, but the edge of the chopper section can’t compete with my Pampered Chef chopper!  As I cut green peppers and tomatoes, it left whole sections of the skin.  I eventually had mush from trying to cut the skin.  Hmph.   And if you look at the picture you will notice that there is no handle to hold the contraption while chopping.  I can testify that you don’t want to hold it by what looks like a handle because it will pinch your skin.  It really needs more of a neck to hold onto.  Just my opinion.  (No offense KitchenAid people, because I LOVE YOUR APPLIANCES!!!!)

Second revelation~

A dull knife can hurt you much quicker than a sharp knife!   I was trying to cut off a piece of ham hock (sorry healthy eaters, but that is how we season our vegetables around here) with basically a piece of tin and a handle (pictured above).   See the Hello Kitty band-aid?  I had to wrap something tight around my finger to stop the blood from gushing.  Can we say PUNCTURE WOUND?  Ouch.

Third revelation~

The smell of snap beans cooking takes me home.  My Mom cooked a LOT of snap beans.

Well, I know those weren’t earth-shaking revelations, but I just wanted to touch base on this lovely Friday!

No worries, the bleeding stopped.  I’ll just show off my band-aid all day.