Do you see those shepherds?   Yes, those up there above this text … the guys who look so mature and majestic in this rendering.

I think I share this every year, but I can’t help remembering it each time I see a nativity scene.   How many of you remember the dream I had about the shepherds?   Come to think about it, it might have been the wise men.  Oh my!    It has been several years since my dream, so now I’m second guessing myself.   Anyway, this is what I DO remember …

I was looking at my nativity set that I place out each Christmas and I saw some movement.  As I got closer to the figures I saw the shepherds (or wise men) bumping into one another — joking around.  I walked up to them and asked them about the night Jesus was born.  With great excitement they proclaimed, “There has NEVER been another night like it!”

That little dream, though foggy now — still makes me smile.

I wonder what that event really looked like.

I agree with the figures that came to life in my dream!  I’m sure there has NEVER been another night like it!

Oh Holy Night!   Our Savior was born!  He came to take away the sins of the world.  An innocent Lamb.  A precious One who was part human yet fully divine.   He walked on this earth and understands our weaknesses.   He now intercedes on our behalf.

Oh what a night!

I wonder what it really looked like when the angels appeared to the shepherds and proclaimed, “GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST, PEACE ON EARTH AND GOOD WILL TOWARDS MEN.”   What did the shepherds see?  How did the angels sound?  I wonder.

What was the travel like for the shepherds and the wise men?  Can you hear the sound of the camel’s or horses as they traveled through the distance to find the King?

I wonder …

In case YOU are wondering, I am linking with Lisa Jo and her 5 Minute Friday gathering.   She provides the prompt and we write for 5 minutes.  Today’s prompt:  WONDER.   Please visit her blog by clicking on her button below:

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Have a truly blessed Friday everyone!



  1. Absolutely beautiful! I’m quite sure that’s exactly what the shepherds would’ve said. It’s hard to imagine just how incredible that night must have been.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. I wonder too! I know this sounds silly but I hope in heaven there is video playback. I would love the see the wonderful stories I have read about for years to unfold before us as if we were there.

  3. Oh my goodness, I love your dream and the thought of how they acted. I will keep this in mind when I look at nativity sets. Thank you!

  4. This makes me think about the song Silent Night… With all the angels singing, the Shepherds moving around in amazement … I think it must have been one of the most happiest and noisiest nights ever…. What an amazing dream :) God bless you girl!

  5. Hi Beth
    It does not really matter whether it was the shepherds or the wise men, for it was all about the King!!! It was about that NIGHT, a night like no other. I suddenly comes to mind that our Lord was born during the night. He was born in darkness as a Light to a world lost in darkness.
    Thank you.
    Much love

  6. What an amazing dream Beth. And wouldn’t it be something if only we could be silent witnesses to that night? It is a wonder that He submitted Himself to be born a baby in this world on that night. And it’s even more amazing that He died for you and for me! Praise Him!

    Blessings and love,


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