What are these things that change everything?  They are your WORDS.

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Today’s post will share even more AMAZING information about the power of our words!  My dear friend Peggy from Amazing Grace: Mazes, Messes, Miracles found this website and shared it with me!  I rarely copy someone’s work like this to share, but it is just too interesting to keep to myself!  All of the credit goes to this website:  Pray The Scriptures.

Look at this awesome information!  Scientific proof concerning the power of our words!  Please read the following information:

Word Power and Present Research

In this present millennium there are scientists who are producing some research to help us understand this word power. Take a look:

Masaru Emoto is a Japanese physician who has done studies on environments effect on water, including the effects of words on water. With some specialized photography, he records the effect of words on the crystalline structure of a freezing water molecule. His amazing results are documented in Hidden Messages in Water. Surely, this research will inspire much more. But in the meantime, here are some compelling findings:

1. Expose the water to loving words, fine music, or beautiful scenes from nature, and the crystalline structure of the freezing water molecule is lacy and snowflake-like.
2. On the other hand, negative words, hard rock music, or picture of violence produces a distorted structure resembling a cancerous tumor.
3. The proclamation: You fool!” produces similar result as the word “satan”… distorted and tumor-like.

Remember Jesus saying, “Whoever is angry with his brother without cause shall be in danger of judgment. And whoever says to his brother ‘Raca!’(empty head) shall be in danger of he council. But whoever says, ‘You fool!’ shall be in danger of hell fire.” (Matt 5:22)

Jesus gave us the bottom line (importance of our words). We were just been lacking scientific data proving the importance of the bottom line.

Jerome Stillwell is a research scientist who measured the capacity of human communication to transmit beyond the range of hearing. What he and his team discovered is that for good or for ill, we are capable of more powerful transmission than a radio station whose signal circles the globe.

This story makes two points:
1. We transmit like a radio station.
2. The transmissions are positive or negative, measurable either way.

Surely, you’ve noticed this yourself. Let someone come into your home spewing negativity and you and yours immediately register the effect. Sometimes it takes the rest of the day to clean out that negative dump-load.

We are sending messages into the atmosphere continually…blessing or cursing! When we really get a hold of this and pray with purpose and intent, we will be capable of writing history anew.

Quantum physics research is opening up this treasure box of understanding by the day…a whole field of study in itself. Quantum physics findings and Scripture are lining up!


Hallelujah!  Isn’t that incredible?  Now are you starting to believe what I have shared about the power of our words?  The authors of “Pray the Scriptures” provide MUCH MORE information than I am sharing here.

Some additional information provided by this web site:

Word Power in Scripture

Don’t take my word for this. Let’s look at what Scripture has to say about the power of words:
• God spoke: creation came into being – Genesis 1
• Tower of Babel: agreement makes anything possible – Genesis 11:6
• Full focus on Scripture: you will have success – Joshua 1:2
• Declare a thing: it will be established – Job 22:28
• Judged by your words: words have value – Matthew 12:36
• Sowing and reaping: words are seeds that bring a crop – Luke 8:11, 2 Corinthians 9:6
• Overcoming power in words: the word of testimony is listed with the blood of Jesus to be overcomingly powerful. As Christians, we should sit up and take notice on this one! Can you believe that your words of faith are that valuable?

We need to see this if we are going to confidently proclaim Scripture in prayer. The value of words and the power of words is a theme that runs from Genesis to Revelation. For millennia the Spirit of God has reaffirmed this message.


I am so thankful my friend Peggy shared this web site.   I pray you have found it enlightening too!  This is a BIG key friends.  I pray this will bring great revelation to you about the words that you speak over yourself.  It is definitely convicting me of areas where my words are still out of control.

I would love to hear what you think about this.

Have a blessed day everyone!


(Photo credit:  Praying the scriptures.)