Yes, my sister and I did take a road trip this morning, but she didn’t sit on the hood and I wasn’t angry.  Ha.  I love playing with Bitstrips and pulling her leg on FB.

So, are you a bit curious about this little trip?

I tried to sneak a picture of my sister but she hid her face from me.  How rude!

She knows I blog …


Last week a woman contacted Kathy via email about some family records that were found in a house that was going to be burned.   A fireman who will be training in that house had located some family documents.  He gave them to this woman who in turn did some research online to find some relatives.   My sister was contacted and asked me to ride with her to pick up the items today.

We drove over an hour away and her crazy Garmin sent us on a wild goose chase, but we finally found the place of business where we were supposed to retrieve the family information.

We walked in the door and there sat a box of pictures.  Kathy and I began to dig through the pictures and to my shock there was a picture of my sweet step-grandfather!  That made NO SENSE to us since the family member photos/documents belonged to our grandmother’s family.  There were pics of her first husband (my blood grandfather who died before I was born), my grand-mother, great aunts, and more.  We also found several newspaper articles from 1974 that had pictures of our brother inside.

The lady told us that the documents were found in a house in _____ county (sorry, I don’t disclose my location on here) that had been donated to the fire department for training.   Kathy and I were dumbfounded as we tried to figure out how that side of our family had documents in that particular county.   I told Kathy that my husband and I had also donated the old house located behind our parent’s house to be burned and it was in that particular county (which is all of 15 minutes from my house).    After much discussion we realized that the documents had come from the house BEHIND our parent’s home!

What are the chances?

We had driven over an hour away to get documents/pictures that were somehow hidden in that old house!   There is no telling how many miles those photos traveled!

We laughed at the thought of our deceased Daddy figuring out a way to prevent his silly daughters from burning some of the family photos — even if it meant taking them over an hour away to save them.   But in all actuality, God must have wanted these documents saved.

How funny is that?!?!?

Here are some of the pictures we recovered:


One of the strangest photos in the box was of our great-grandmother who was affectionately known as Big Mama.  Okay folks, I can’t imagine her appreciating that lovely nickname.  But here is a picture of Big Mama in her casket.  She had a veil over her face which is something I didn’t realize they did back then.


I wonder what the next road trip might hold in store …