I hope this will help those of you who have well water.

We just moved into our dream home this past February.   With a new home comes new grass — not sod, but freshly planted grass that my husband sowed during the construction.   Here in North Carolina, the past couple of weeks have been HOT and DRY!   I really didn’t want to see my new grass die so I bought a sprinkler and started watering the grass every day.    It seemed like a great idea until I noticed our windows were SO SPOTTED that I could barely see through them.   Yes, the water sprayed the grass AND the windows!

I hated seeing the spots, but I figured I would just wipe them off with some window cleaner as soon as the grass stood a chance and grew a little more.

Well, you can imagine my surprise when I attempted to wipe off the spots with NO success!  As a matter of fact, you are looking at a window that was scrubbed SEVERAL TIMES!

I was so sad about it.   My new windows … ruined with ugly spots from our well water …

I began a search and landed on this video:

I decided to follow the advice of Brent Holland with Build.com.   I purchased Bar Keepers Friend and expectantly used the product on our windows.   I will say that I saw a little bit of a breakthrough, but it left a film on the windows (probably from my lack of strength to rub it off really well).   I wondered if something with texture would make a difference, so my husband handed me this little cutie:

(Ha, not the man but what he is holding …  They are called THE ORIGINAL SCRUB DADDY.)

These little sponges and their owner were on Shark Tank!  But aside from their cuteness, they must have been the missing key I needed!  My hubby purchased them at a local hardware store — so you can easily find them.

With that said, I found that if I scrubbed the windows with Bar Keepers Friend (using The Original Scrub Daddy), THEN wiped off with paper towels I could see a difference.  It still left a slight film (probably user error), so then I used Windex (but I’m sure any window cleaner would work) with paper towels to remove the film.   Yes, a lot of work, but finally — my clean windows returned!

I am not being compensated for the mention of these products.   I just wanted to hopefully help some other desperate person who might find herself in my shoes.

I hope this helps!

Happy Cleaning!