Well, I can’t believe it is the LAST day of 2008!!! I
have been out of town for a few days (without Internet access I might add – scream), but I have already seen a few blogs about reflections and resolutions! Oh my goodness, I’m already behind! I haven’t had time to reflect about 2008 or plan for 2009. Seriously, the Christmas season has been driving me for a month or two. So now … ahhhh, let me think! My 2008 began with my first surgery EVER! I was terrified, but had no choice. Prophetically 2008 was called the year of NEW BEGINNINGS. As I sat in my pre-op bed, I
noticed I was in room 8! “Ok Lord, I can do this — I know You are here” I relaxed. That was January. In the spring, God did a BIG work of healing in my heart. He started by requesting that I read “Hinds’ Feet on High Places” (again). You can read about this in an older blog: Click here. This fell right in place with a workshop and conference I attended through Cleansing Stream ministries. God had softened my heart and I was RIPE for harvest/healing. I have no words to describe what a process this began in my year of 2008!

June began a weight loss journey for me. I had ballooned up over the past few years! I believe that God led me to a way of eating that is perfect for me. I lost 51 pounds with no effort, but have been stuck since October (also — haven’t been exercising).

July started out with a BANG when I had a senator of the United States of America come to MY NASTY HOUSE! OH my goodness! You can read about her visit: Click here. [Here is the picture in her FLYER — it went out to millions – lol. Yes, I was dirty, sweaty (from attempting to clean my house), and it was BEFORE I lost weight – dang!]

The rest of the year has been a blur. It has been full of blessings where my husband and daughter are concerned. Our home has been peaceful and joyful. I see my husband growing in the Lord and it has blessed me more than he could ever know! I have also been growing up in some areas (though my Father knows how much room I still have to grow). I am excited to see what God has planned for me and my little family.

There have also been a lot of tears shed during 2008. My parents, my parents, and did I say, MY PARENTS? They are so helpless and it hurts me. Sometimes I have to catch myself carrying too much of the load and I have to stop and cast my cares upon the Lord. Seriously.

As far as 2009 is concerned … I have mixed feelings. I am unsure about the president elect (to say it mildly) and I don’t know what type of spiritual doors have been opened due to his beliefs. I can’t even think about it right now. I do know we are to pray for those in leadership, so I do pray for him and his family. I especially pray for God’s Will to be done in this nation. At the same time, I feel that as the world gets darker, the Church will shine brighter! For that — I am excited.

I only want to bless my Lord. I always want more of Him, so I can’t say that is my “new” resolution. That is the cry of my life.

I pray this new year will be exciting for each of you. I am definitely grateful to have you in my life.

Many Blessings to you!