Here I sit, totally caught off guard.  Stunned by a song.  I was visiting my blog-friend Beth at The Unfinished Project where she shared this song that moved her to tears too.  I expected it to be something about God’s Grace (well, it IS, but it ISN’T).

As the song started, I immediately started wondering what my parents thought of me when I was born.

But when the artist sang, “How long was I a dream before you held me” I lost it.   My husband and I were married in 1989.  Our daughter was born in 2005.  She WAS DEFINITELY a DREAM before we held her.

God had given me her name many years before she was born!

As the song continued, it seemed to fit our situation so much.  Of course, it really tugged on the heart strings of a Mama who just sent her daughter off to Kindergarten!  She is growing up way too fast.  I know she will be in college in the blink of an eye.

We are so blessed by our little girl.  She has the sweetest spirit and is full of joy.  Honestly, if God had not already given me her name, the name JOY would have fit her perfectly.


We love her more than any words could express.  She is a delight!  Such a precious little one!  Mommy and Daddy’s girl.

Ok, now for the song~  Please listen to the song below.  It only takes a moment. (If you are reading this post via email, please come to my site and listen.)


Eva Kroon Pike “Grace That Chose Me”
Did I smile wide
Did the light catch my eyes
Just at the right time for you to notice me
Was it something more

Was it a voice yet unspoken
I guess it doesn’t matter cuz now you’re here
And I am yours

How long was I a dream before you held me
How long was I a promise unfulfilled
You showed a faith that never seemed to falter
Even when you questioned heavens will

So if I’m anything close to what I’m meant to be
I owe it to the hands of Grace that chose me

Though the years have passed
There’s still a place in my heart
That never goes away, it’s only meant for you

And all because of love I could never forget
Every sacrifice you made to give me life
To make me yours



Photos:  Our daughter showing off some of her school uniforms.  She is going to a Christian School and is so excited!  No, that isn’t an ink smudge on the photo of the dark blue dress (ha).  I had to “black out” the name of her school.