MandivillaMy family and I have been watching a television show called Amish: Out of Order.   It is about an ex-Amish man named Mose Gingerich who shares his epiphanies about the Amish world versus the “English” world.   You can find his blog HERE.   My husband and I have really enjoyed watching this show because we are friends with a beautiful Amish family in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.   This has made us miss them even more and now we are determined to plan a trip to visit them again soon.

Our daughter has never met our Amish friends.  We keep pointing out to her how much these children have to work too.  It isn’t just fun and games for them.  There was one episode where a toddler had a rope around her waist and was helping pull a non-motorized push mower through the yard.

Their way of life does seem so pure and honest, though I do think they fear their religious elders more than what the Word of God says.  Certain Orders shun their children and never allow them to come back home as long as they leave the Amish community/life.  That certainly isn’t a Christian action.

Amish are known for their hard work ethics.  The last time we visited our friends in Lancaster, one of the Moms – Sylvia, pulled out an old washing machine that was cranked by a motor.  Even though it had an engine, it was still a lot more work than we gals have.  We just throw a load in the machine and continue with other activities.    Oh, and there are no dryers.  Clothes lines are used after squeezing out the water.

My daughter’s 6 year-old mind couldn’t wrap around the thought of mostly work and little play.   petuniasEspecially for the Moms.  Their work was never done.

Their homes are simple.  Nothing flashy.   It convicted me.   We “English” (that is what they call the non-Amish) have so much excess stuff that we rent storage buildings to hoard it all.   I personally don’t have a storage building, but my closets are full to overflowing and I almost need a safety helmet on before I open them.

I am going to PURGE this home!  We have way too much clutter.  Too much of everything!  And I am only going to be bringing in more now that my parents are gone.  I can’t throw away family pieces.   I pray for balance and wisdom as I downsize.

My little one is really wanting to get involved in more activities (sports, piano lessons, swim lessons, gymnastics …) and though I want her to experience them all, I am also selfish with our family time.  I have witnessed families with schedules so tight that the kids rarely had a chance to just stay home and relax.   I don’t want that for my little family.

We need the basics in our home, with everything on the foundation built by God.   I feel like the world often sucks me in … pulling my attention and distracting me from where my focus must be.

Too much stuff.

Too many distractions.

Do you ever feel this way?

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(Photos:  Flowers at my house.)