It seems like just yesterday when we brought our 6 newest chicks home.  Actually, these were the first chicks we have raised!

Brooders and heat lamps were all new to me, but I jumped on the wagon and got busy!

Now our youngest chicks are 7 weeks old and our 2 Buffs are 12 weeks.

This is what my Ameraucanas look like at 7 weeks.  The one in the front is Alice.  The other is Connie.  They are enjoying a snack of oatmeal.

These chicks bring us so much joy!

This next chick is Dot, one of our Silver-Laced Wyondottes.  I am so excited that her white feathers are starting to show.  She is going to be beautiful!

My Buff Orpingtons are growing too.  You can’t tell how big they are in this shot, but it was taken yesterday on their 12 week birthday.

As you can see, our chickens get a lot of lovin’ around here.

They are enjoying their stylish country coop too!

I found two cute chicken pictures at Carolina Pottery the other day.  They fit in perfectly with the decor.

Hope to see you soon!

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