I am a happy girl to have the day off.  I don’t think I have had a day off since the beginning of October.

Whew, I am so thankful for the rain!   Everything around here is nice and wet.

It is a beautiful rainy, cool, black and white type of day.



I am chewing on a lot of random things today.   May I share them with you?

You don’t mind?  


I have a young person in my life who is realizing the reality of the demonic realm because of doors he has opened.    Friends, please don’t play with darkness.  It isn’t a game.  Things might seem fun at first, but there is always a consequence to pay.   It is imperative that we seek God and hunger for holiness.  We must know God’s Word!

Christians, who are LIGHT should have nothing in common with DARKNESS.   No Christian should look like the demonic.  That is all I will say about that.

This same young fellow visited a church recently and heard the pastor say, “God sees each of you as menstrual rags!”  WHAT?!?!?  I told him that was absolutely NOT scriptural.  When we are saved, we are considered righteous through Christ.  Our sin is as far from us as the east is from the west.   We can’t be righteous in our own ability — our efforts to be clean would be as filthy rags, but the BLOOD of Jesus makes us white as snow.   If God only saw our filth, then we wouldn’t be able to approach His throne.

Oey!   You can’t believe everything that comes out of the mouth of another.  You must read the Bible for yourself!  I can’t stress that enough.

Here is something else weighing on my  mind:  Yesterday I really offended someone in a leadership position.   It wasn’t my intent.   I’m not even sure why I shared what I did.  It was shared before I even knew it.  I hesitated a nano-second because I didn’t want it to cause hurt, but there it was.   I wasn’t trying to hurt in anyway.   Oh boy,  the reaction was immediate his and his pain oozed out.   At this point I’m sure he thinks I am against him — not for him.  I thought he might want to hear a raw response that was an honest perception, but  why would I even think that?   This was definitely a hot button.  All I can do is shake my head.  I don’t even know what to say.   At this point I wish I had just kept it to myself.    I want to call him and discuss this, but nothing good would come from it.   His mind is made up in this area and there ya go.   Where is that RE-DO button when we need it?   I AM SO SORRY THE WORDS WERE HURTFUL.


Back to the farm … my house is full of clothes that need to be washed.  Working 7 days a week for weeks doesn’t give much time to wash clothes, go to the grocery store, or pay bills.

I have also been a very bad chicken Mama!   I need to spend time in their coop.   After the corn maze season I must get busy.   I have a LOT to do around here folks!


With that said, I better hop to it.

Thanks for reading my ramblings today.

Happy Rainy Day to my fellow peeps who are enjoy a day away from the corn maze.