Happy Fall Everyone!   Welcome to our farm!

Yes, it is CORN MAZE season around here!   We have A LOT of strangers visit our farm this time of year and I often share funny things that happen on another social media site.

Let me tell you, this time of year opens my eyes to the spiritual condition of the world around me.   Some people walk through this life angry and look for reasons to grumble and growl at others.


They need His peace and joy!

One of the most shocking statements that came from a guest so far this season was when my husband stood along a long line to our ticket office to hand out liability waivers for everyone to sign.   A guy smirked and asked my husband, “Is this the best job you could get?”  Hmmmm.   The guy was serious.   My husband just stared at him — probably shocked by the brazen rudeness of this guy — and said, “I hope you enjoy your experience here on the farm.”    What if this had been a man trying to earn extra money to feed his family?

Does this guy smirk at all people serving him?  It really bugged me.   I don’t know that I would have been as humble as my husband since I unfortunately have the ability to have a quick tongue.   I blame that on the fact that my siblings are 9 and 11 years older than me and my tongue was my only defense, ha.    Well, in all honesty, I WAS completely quiet when I had a guy this season standing in my yard near my back door.  Our dog was going NUTS trying to alert me that a stranger was near.  This man was on his phone, but seriously, who does this in someone’s yard?  I stuck my head out of my own house to ask if I could help him and he made an angry face at me, covered his ear and shushed me away.  WHAT?!?!?!  EXCUSE ME, YOU ARE IN MY YARD AT MY DOOR.   People …   His wife looked over at him a bit mortified as she watched from afar in our pumpkin area.  Again, my friends had plenty of advice as to what they would have said and done.    Honestly,  people can take us so off guard that it leaves us dumbfounded by their actions.

I did have one moment when someone fussed at me because she had to wait in line to get money.  Instead of defending myself I just smiled at her.   Yay God!  One little point for a Christian attitude.  

For the most part though, people are nice and appreciate the chance to ramble around in a 10 acre corn maze and enjoy playing in the hay.


On a happy note, I was contacted by another blogger who wanted to visit our farm.   As a fellow blogger, how could I resist?

Since she was so kind to visit us and write about us, I wanted to give her a little shout out.  Her blog seems fun and I’m sure you would enjoy it:

Her blog name is {Re} Defining Emily.   Check out the post about our farm HERE.   Isn’t she a cutie?  She also appears to be some type of body coach — oh Emily, come whip me in shape!  God help me.


Oh, I will leave you with this funny …

I was asked by a corporation who had planned to bring 80 employees out that week if the HR representative could come check out the farm before their visit.   The representative was concerned about the amount of rain that had fallen and wanted to make sure the maze wasn’t too muddy.   Ahem.   Well, it did rain like 12 days in a row (which broke a record that was set during the Civil War).    Thankfully I had on MUD SHOES when I took her out into the maze.

This is what happened to me.   My legs, my feet, my poor shoes:


Needless to say, when I begin to sink as if I was in quick sand, she canceled the party!  The funny thing was when she said she was concerned about people falling …  I said, “Oh falling would be the least of my ….” as I stepped into a SINK HOLE and fell over on my knees.   Great timing there Beth … really smooth!   Anyway, it was good for a lot of laughs, though the poor women watching me fall didn’t quite know what to do.   The group rescheduled and came when it was nice and dry.

I guess I should bring this post to a close since I have over 100 kids visiting us in two hours.

Please pray us through as we plan to finish this season strong on September 8th.

Happy Fall Everyone!