Yesterday my husband was getting our hay out of the field, so sweet Princess and I decided to ride to the pasture to watch.

Our daughter was MORE than happy to go because it gave her a chance to practice her new skills that her Daddy taught her.  

See this brief video below:

How did you like that country accent?  Oh well, God placed me here in NC.  :o)  
I am NOT looking forward to “permit” and “driver’s license” time in a 9 to 10 years!  Oh dear!
Here are some pictures of the hay that I took with my iPhone.

On a totally different note, I have been searching for a water bottle.  I had one of those metal bottles with a lovely design, but I had to unscrew the top and hold onto it each time I wanted to use it.  Then I saw some where I had to flip a little lid to drink … pop up a straw, etc … Some of the tops were too flimsy and I knew they would leak if knocked over.

FINALLY I found the perfect bottle for me.  It is a Camelbak bottle and holds 25 oz and it is JUST RIGHT.  I found it at REI, but here is a link if you want to order one for yourself.  Here I am using it this morning.  Yum!  (And NO, I’m not endorsing this for Camelbak or REI — not being paid a dime — just sharing because I love it.) 

I drink at least 3 of these a day!  I am so excited because it has helped me drink as I should.  Yay!

So far, since Mar 7th I am down almost 17 pounds (16.6 = 17 if you ask me).  The water intake is important.

Have a blessed evening everyone!