I just received some exciting news from my friend Carolina Mama!

You all know I love technology!  Right?

Here is the latest iPhone (or other smart phone) application to help those of us who are on the Weight Watcher PointPlus plan!

It is called Weight Watcher Scanner.  And it is FREE!


Once you upload and see the handy-dandy little button shown above, click on it.   Next you will see this screen shown below.  It is actually a faded gray box with a red line through it.   In the picture below I have it over the bar code of one of my boxes of food.

The purpose of this cool new application is to scan in any food and it will automatically give you the Weight Watcher PointsPlus Value points!  Since this Smart One shown below IS a Weight Watcher meal, I thought it would be an easy item to test.

After I placed the gray box over the bar code and it was scanned,  this is what I saw (don’t be concerned when it takes a couple of seconds to show what was scanned):

Isn’t that awesome?  It broke everything down for me AND Showed the PointsPlus Value!  It also gives you the option to “track” the item on your WW eTools! 

Once you click on “Track this item” you can choose where to place it — Morning, Midday, Evening, or Anytime.

You can even save it as a FAVORITE:

I hope some of you find this useful!  I am definitely excited to have heard about it!  Thanks Carolina Mama! 

Have a blessed day everyone!