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Today is 5-Minute Friday.  Lisa-Jo challenges us to write for 5 minutes without any forethought or critiquing.   She provides the prompt, and today’s is:  My Mama Did …


My Mama worked whatever shift needed to help provide for her family.   When I was young, she worked a night shift at the hospital and slept during the day (the best she could with a young child in the house).   I can remember sitting in front of the TV watching Captain kangaroo while Mama slept on the couch.    The television was probably my entertainment while she attempted to rest.

My Mama loved the sun and even though she didn’t know how to swim, she had an in-ground swimming pool built when I was around the age of 13 (yay ME).   She would float for hours in the shallow end, soaking up as much sun as possible.

She was very proud of her yard and attempted to make it look like a Southern Living snapshot (in spite of my Daddy’s little hoarding thing he had going on behind the fence near his tool house).

Mama had a tradition of making cheese wafers, sausage balls, and trail mix at Christmas.   I didn’t realize until later years just how much Mama loved Christmas!  It was by far her favorite holiday!   She would decorate every room of the house.  All candles were switched to red, all sconces were adorned with bows, garland dangled over several doorways, mistletoe was hung, and snowmen + Santa’s took over her home.   She had a very special nativity scene that was almost magical to me when I was young.   Being a child, it was just the right size for my curious hands, but I was never allowed to play with it (ceramic of course).

Mama worked hard and did the best she could with her family.    The last 20 years of her life were tough, but especially the very last year.   She died on June 13, 2012.   I trust that she is whole now, walking in the full knowledge, enjoying eternity with her Lord.


(Photo was taken from a newspaper article I found after my Mama died.   I think this is a good picture of her — taken before her string of health complications began.  You just have to love those 80’s glasses.) 

Have a blessed Friday everyone!

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