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Have you ever moved a piece of furniture just to find an ugly indention in the carpet?


Well, most of us have.

Did you know that you can quickly rid yourself of the pesky divits?   My mama taught me how to solve this problem years ago, and now I am going to share with you.

I purchased a new Paula Deen chair yesterday!  Yay me!  But before I could place it in the proper spot I had to deal with this (where my last recliner sat).


So the big trick to removing these unsightly dents in the carpet is to use your iron.  I steamed the carpet as I placed the iron over the tracks.


You can tell in the photo below where I ironed half of the circle.


This next photo was after I ironed, but before I vacuumed.  Once I vacuumed it pulled the carpet up even more.


So, would you like to see my new chair?  I love it.  And yes, all of the tracks from the last chair are gone.   Now you see vacuum tracks.


Thanks for visiting me!  I hope you have a great Saturday!