Time for 5 Minute Friday with Lisa Jo at The Gypsy Mama.   She gives us a prompt and we write about it for 5 minutes.  No planning, no critiquing — just writing without a plan.  Ok, just like that — I mentioned “planning then plan” but I’m leaving it because we aren’t supposed to edit.  Ha.  Today’s prompt:  LIGHT

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It is the Friday before Easter.  Today we think about what Jesus did for us.  He was placed on the cross for our sins.  The cross was only the end of the earthly torture He endured.  We are so removed from the scene of the cross that we can almost make it too clean and tidy.  He was badly beaten and his flesh was ripped.  Our precious Savior didn’t have to endure the cross for us, but He willingly laid down His life that we may GAIN life.

When His spirit departed, the earth quaked, darkness came, the temple curtain ripped, and some of the people buried in tombs came to life again and began to walk the streets.   DARKNESS and FEAR covered the land!  Can you imagine the sight?  Can you imagine seeing what had just taken place — especially as one of the murderers who was responsible for His death?

Friday came, but even His followers didn’t realize that SUNDAY was coming!   In the midst of the darkness and confusion, they had no idea about the LIGHT that was just around the corner.  The Light of hope, life, joy — resurrection!

Have you ever noticed how darkness makes a light shine even brighter?   We are the LIGHT of this world.  Are we to be hidden?  NO.  We are to shine in the darkness that surrounds us.   Because of the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus — we are now LIGHTS.  Living, walking epistles of the Most High God.

Are you feeling hopeless about a situation in your life?  Is there darkness around you?  SUNDAY IS COMING! 

I don’t know about you, but I am drawn to light.  I love to watch the sun rise and set.   I love to see the sunbeams shine through the clouds.  And I love the Light of the world and His Name is Jesus.  I am drawn to Him.

Happy Resurrection Day everyone!

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