I have jumped in with both feet!

For years I have prayed to be able to prophesy.  After all, Paul said that we needed to desire the spiritual gifts, but especially the gift of prophecy.

1 Corinthians 14:1
Pursue love, and desire spiritual gifts, but especially that you may prophesy.


I have actually been able to do it before, but it was so uncomfortable to me because it involved SO MUCH STRETCHING on my part.

I have been training and things are flowing easier now.  I have heard people say before that prophesying is like pulling tissues out of a box.  God gives you a clue.  Once you share that, then another piece of the prophecy comes out too.  It continues in that order … as you deliver, more comes until the message is complete.

Sometimes you just have to JUMP off the edge of a comfortable cliff and trust the Holy Spirit to catch and guide.


Are you taking risks and stretching for the Lord?    It is time to JUMP in with both feet!


Are you interested in growing in the gift of prophecy?  I highly recommend this ministry called ThePropheticTraining.Com.    The guy on that website that pops up in a video is Brent Engelman.  He and his wife are precious souls who love Jesus with all of their hearts.  They are the real deal and so are the people who walk hand-in-hand with them.   I took their prophetic training course and it really opened my understanding.   They also offer a live webinar every Tuesday night where you can practice prophesying in a safe environment.  We practice and encourage each other — allowing for mistakes.   You don’t have to participate — just come listen and join us.  We use a chat bar to communicate with Brent and whoever is on his team.  It is a lot of fun!   Go to their web site to investigate.   Chances are, you will catch me there on the chat bar!  Come chat with me.

In case you didn’t guess, I’m linking with Lisa-Jo for 5 Minute Friday.   She provides a prompt and we write for 5 minutes to see what flows out.  No critiquing, no editing.   Today’s prompt is:  JUMP

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