Oh dear iCloud, I love you!  You saved all of my information on my iPhone.

Some of you may remember a few weeks ago I dropped my beloved iPhone and cracked the screen.  I scheduled an appointment at the local Apple store at the Genius bar and swapped out my phone.

They were able to switch over my contacts, but I had to upload the rest of my applications, etc …  It was a pain, though I was grateful to at least have my contacts.  It was during that time that I uploaded iCloud.  Oh, hallelujah!

For some reason, the last “replacement” phone had been giving me some problems.  It would freeze and I couldn’t even turn it off.  Argh.  Today, I used it as usual then suddenly I had no phone.  It was graveyard dead and it had no desire to ever reboot.  (Makes me wonder if it was a refurbished phone.)

I made ANOTHER appointment at the Genius bar and out comes a 3rd iPhone.  The Apple representative asked me if I had backed up my phone with iCloud.  I told her I used it but I had no idea what was backed up.   Guess what?  It had EVERYTHING backed up.

Apple Store, Southpoint

I have all of my lovely photos, my ringtones, my iTunes, my CONTACTS, my applications, etc …   Yay!

I can’t encourage you enough to use iCloud if you have Apple products.  I have always been a cloud watcher, but now an iCloud saved my behind!