Do any of you own an iPhone?

If so — have any of you tried to answer your phone to find that you can’t because you can’t slide the “bar” across?

Well, I have had this happen several times.

I just assumed I needed to cut my phone off every once in a while and let it “reboot” and do some hidden “clean up” work (that I assumed happened).

I thought I had it figured out until I went in the Apple store and asked one of the employees.  Duh, I didn’t know that I had to close out my open applications!  No, I don’t mean delete them and I don’t mean log out of them.

Every application I had ever opened was doing a number on the processor inside my little iPhone.

To close your applications, do a “double-click” on the home button.  You know, the round button at the bottom of your screen.

Once you do, you will see a lineup of the applications you have used.  You will notice in the picture below that your applications will become a shadow at the top, but the bottom row will show your open applications:

When you’re ready to close them, you will hold your finger on one of them until they all start to wiggle with a “minus” symbol near each application.  This isn’t the wiggly “x” that you see when you want to delete the applications, so don’t be afraid.

At this point, click each little minus sign with your finger and each application will close.  It is that easy!  Once the applications are closed your screen will look like this:

 After you click on your home button again, you will see your applications.

Guess what?  Since I have been closing applications each day, I haven’t had to deal with my phone freezing again.  Yay!

I hope this helps some of you too!