I’m joining Gypsy Mama in writing for 5 Minutes flat.  No editing.  No critiquing.  Just flowing with the topic she presents.  Today’s topic is:  In Real Life

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In real life I am bold, but I rarely find my voice.

Perhaps I should say I rarely have a chance to talk around certain people:  Husband and Child.  They both love to TALK and I am usually the one sitting and listening.  I often have my thoughts interrupted as I’m sharing a sentence around this place.  Just one of the many reasons I love to blog because I HAVE A VOICE AND NOBODY CAN INTERRUPT ME.

As much as I love my family (not talking about my hubby and daughter here), I don’t think many of them “get” me.  I’m sure I am a strange one in their eyes.  My Daddy even told me one time that he thought “Crazy Peggy” was the only crazy one in our family (sorry Peggy).  This happened because I defended a TV evangelist (because I BELIEVE LIKE HIM).  Ha.   I know my Daddy didn’t mean any harm.  He loves me, but I think my Sister is the only one that truly accepts my passion I have for Jesus.  (Hey Kathy!)

I shared my story with a family member the other day (you know, the one I shared on here about the guy at the bank receiving healing) and the look on her face spoke volumes.  I was jumping around praising God for what had just happened and she was looking at me like, “Uh … sure …”

In real life, that is what I face (outside of my circle of heart-friends).  Thankfully my husband and daughter are in agreement with me, but many others probably think I’m a fanatic or something.

What does fanatic mean anyway?  I love Jesus because He gave me the ability to live a NORMAL life and not be bound by fear anymore?  Well HALLELUJAH — I’m a FANactic!  FAN of Father God, Jesus His Son, and the Holy Spirit!

I love that I can be completely honest on my blog and share my passions and dreams with you all.  I have found many other believers out here that believe the entire Word of God.  I am grateful!!!

In real life, I am just as goofy as I can be on here.

In real life I eat entirely too much chocolate.  Well, entirely too much of everything and I need to get back on track with my healthy lifestyle.

I “yam” who I “yam” as the old saying goes.  What you see on here REALLY IS who I am in real life.  My friends can attest to that.

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(Photo take of me in our vehicle on Wednesday.  IN REAL LIFE.)