I thought I’d share a few pictures of life around here.

This was taken of our little home after the rain:

 photo fd305859-1f4a-4fe1-8033-a2ef0272f181_zps7b500caa.jpg

Of course, we have sunny days around here too.   I often let the chickens out of their coop and this is what happens:  They make themselves right at home.

 photo 1d94fb9f-23b3-4eb7-a9d4-808015c215ba_zps840db701.jpg

These two hens look like they are bowing before royalty.   Actually, they are enjoying the hot sun on their wings.  Chickens love to sun-bathe.

 photo d5a9eb2a-fd64-44ad-9a8d-816c3fcbf160_zps95eec1df.jpg

Next is our cat, Clyde.

Curious Clyde is always hunting an innocent little bird.  He is adored by my husband and daughter, yet he finds ME 98% of the time.  I like him (or tolerate him) until he decides to awaken us around 4:30am!

 photo eeec4d1b-c0cf-4cbf-9c60-2826d7324389_zps036c692d.jpg

As many of you know, my parents died a year ago this spring.  My siblings and I have finally divided up their belongings and I was thrilled to have received this old phone that belonged to my grandmother.  I won’t bore you with pictures of everything that was passed down to me, but I thought it was fun seeing my daughter look at this dial phone and wonder what it was.   Wow, how things have changed!   Yes, this is a bit different from an iPhone.

 photo 0078aa11-1f01-4e1c-9b54-b8c1bb736fb6_zpsf077c49d.jpg

It is summertime which means FLOWERS.

I have enjoyed daily flower arrangements — compliments of my favorite Gardenia bush.

 photo 8b1fac45-9366-46f8-bc03-05bab041e31d_zps6b313095.jpg

And yes, I am still watching the sky.  I can’t get enough of the clouds!

 photo f4d9e387-f74d-46d8-b805-7fb6456f9448_zps3adb9ef2.jpg

That about sums it up around here.    Thanks for visiting me.

 photo 9778f213-08cf-4ec0-90c7-7001f961f3f1_zps01dc1961.jpg

 Have a blessed week everyone!