I am so excited I can hardly stand it!

I feel so free!

Yesterday was the last day of our 2011 corn maze season.  Yipee!

The day started off with me going to church.  From the moment I stepped into the sanctuary the worship electrified my soul.  I wanted to dance and shout praises!

During worship, as my arms were stretched towards heaven,  I felt drops of water land on me.    I looked at my arms, but I didn’t find anything.  I even looked around to make sure there wasn’t a chance that anyone could have spit on me as they sang (ha — I really did).  I wish we could have pressed through a little harder!  The worship was AWESOME and felt like water to my parched and thirsty soul.

What did I learn during this 2011 season?

1.  My flesh can be OUT OF CONTROL like a run away train when I’m not in God’s Word or in His Presence on a regular basis.   I wish I had a dollar for every time I rolled my eyes behind my sunglasses.  Ha.

2.  MANY people are self-entitled and only want things their way.  They don’t care about rules or about what is “right” …   You wouldn’t believe how upset parents get over a child not being allowed to get on a bounce house.  I mean vein-bulging angry.  Thankfully, we are selling that particular bounce house because some parents act like children.  That is sad, but true.

3.  I am a MESS when I don’t make time for the Lord.  A yucky, fleshy, stinky mess.

I have really seen the condition of my heart towards others (and it isn’t pretty)!   Where was my brokenness over the condition of their souls?  Lord help me!   I could really tell a difference in my life when I was too busy and I don’t want to feel like that again.  I was so tired of people trying to sneak in for free that I was ready to TAKE THEM DOWN.  Mercy … what am I?  Who am I?  A bouncer?  I felt like one.

One lady blasted me and my hubby yesterday over her little darling not being allowed in the bounce house.  She looked as if she had undergone some type of chemo or radiation.  Did the fact that her child was too small for the bounce house really matter or was this the last straw and she just let LOOSE on us to relieve some pressure.  Her eyes were practically twitching she was so angry.   Hindsight being what it is, I wish I had sat her down and asked if SHE was OK.   Of course she probably would have torn me to shreds.  But even a moment like that could have been a ministry moment.  Sigh.

I am amazed even more at God’s great love for us — the almost unlovable — selfish, rude, self-seeking people that we are sometimes.

And BTW … I am WEEKS passed my hair appointment!  I finally get to go today.  Hallelujah!  Check out this hair y’all.

Great to be back!  Hope to visit you soon!

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