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Romans 12:10
Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.

I knew what I was SUPPOSED to do yesterday after someone hurt my feelings.  I knew what God’s Word said.  I also knew I had to forgive this person, but I just wanted to stew in my angry juices awhile before I let everything go.   I wanted to punish this person for hurting me.  I iced over just like these berries and I turned on the silent treatment.

Am I proud of it?  No.

Was I talking to God the entire time, pretty much.

I was trying to rehash the words that were said back and forth in my mind.   How did it turn into this?

Yes, the stone cold treatment.  That is what the person got from me until I could respond without saying things I would regret.

Yes Lord, I know … “Honor one another above yourselves …”

I eventually turned off the ice machine and talked things through with this person.  I did forgive and I was grateful God gave me the chance.    It wasn’t my heart’s desire to go through what happened yesterday, but there we were — in the middle of a disagreement.   I felt like I had barbs sticking out of me and every word that person spoke tapped those barbs and made the pain worse.

Was I focused on the emotional pain, therefore focusing on MY FEELINGS?  YES.  If only I had been able to lay down my own junk and  focus on what caused this type of reaction from this person, then I would have really been walking in maturity.

Oh Father, help me to honor others above myself.  

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