I’ll let you in on a little secret!  I LOVE BOOKS!  I love the smell of them — the way they feel — the information hidden inside.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE BOOKS!  I am going to post just a few of my books.  I have them stashed all over our home (AND I have about 30 at our mountain house).   

Since I was a young girl, I had the dream of being a writer.  I do believe that I will be a published author someday, but it is ALL about God’s timing.  

Have any of you ever walked through the book area in the Christian bookstore and cried?  I have.  I have felt such a stirring in my spirit just from walking through that I couldn’t hold it in.

I have loaned many books over the years and then forgotten about them.  I probably have at least 20 lost treasures floating around in some homes around here.  If you have one of my books, would you kindly return it so I can add to my cluttered mess?  😮

If you can click on the pictures and see the titles, you’ll find MANY books on spiritual warfare (since I was DETERMINED to get free).  You will also see books on the Holy Spirit.  

Before “biblegateway.com” and other sites like that, I had every version of the Bible I could purchase (and the Strong’s concordance).  I still have the different versions sprinkled throughout our home.

I’m sure little gadgets like Kindle’s (for example) are great and convenient.  True, they don’t gather much dust and create clutter, but nothing will replace the FEEL of a book in my hand.  And how can I take notes and underline amazing points with a downloaded version of a book?!?!?  I don’t know about you, but I write in my books — especially my bibles.  Each book is used as a text book.


I even have them in drawers.

Last but not least — look at the lovely, organized stack next to my chair.  Yes, it appears that it might topple over, but it manages somehow.  :o)  The bottom book with tape holding it together is my Amplified Bible. 

So, to my friend who said I would eventually have an automated source for reading my books — I just can’t imagine it.  But I may be forced … just like people who liked records were forced to 8-track tapes.  Progress came … cassette tapes, CD’s, now iPods.  But please … don’t take my books.  <3