Photo on 2013-10-28 at 16.17I am tired y’all!

Seriously.  I can barely hold my eyes open and it is only 3:33pm.  I still have a night of American Heritage Girls ahead of me.

I can tell we are at the end of our corn maze season because even my happiest of friends and fellow workers were grumbling and worn out this morning.



days ….

We can do this.  Through Christ, we can do this.

Four more days ahead of us.

It would make you laugh if I just shared some of the RIDICULOUS comments we get from people.  At this point, I’m too tired to even share much, but today’s crazy comment  was from a man who brought his daughter for a field trip.   He arrived before the rest of his daughter’s class with “Children R Children” and accused us of having the class there but not telling him.   Seriously, I couldn’t make stuff like this up.   Yes crazy man — we have the entire group held hostage on our farm and we will NOT let you see them.  Huh?

Two months of a few wacko people make things seem to stretch out longer.

I also want to learn how to speak the language of all of those people who try to sneak into our maze for FREE each year.   I would love to hear them talk to each other in their native tongue about how they are going to fool us folks and then reply to them in their own language.  How funny would that be!?!?!?   Yes, I must do this over the next year.    I’ll keep you posted.

I haven’t had time to just spend with the Lord.  I have very few clean clothes, and I need to pay bills.   I can tell that I am running on fumes and need my God.  I need to be filled up again.  D r a i n e d.  Ugh.

Yawn …



Days …

Please pray us through.   We have 135 children between 9 and 12 tomorrow.   Yawn.