I haven’t discussed “weight” on here a lot this year, so I thought I would give you an update and also share a new application that has really been helpful!

I have lost between 15 and 17 pounds since March 7th.  I keep going back and forth and frankly — after being out of town the past two weekends, I’m afraid to get on the scale!  Monday will be my time to face reality when I go to my WW meeting.  

I must say that I did NOT enjoy seeing myself in a bathing suit yesterday.  Deep sigh.

Now for the application!  My friend Tresa introduced me to this:

I wanted to show you the picture on the application so you could find it when you do a search.  Of course you will see a lot of “Restaurant” applications, but look for this fist and fork.

What is so great about this you may ask?   

When you open the application you’ll see a LARGE list of restaurants:

You can go through that list and click on the restaurants you frequently visit and click on the star in the right corner and save them as “favorites.”   Once you choose some favorite restaurants, the application will automatically move them to the top of your list in a yellow section. 

Still, what is so great about this?  I’ll show you.  Click on a restaurant, then click on the dish you want to eat.  You will have all of the caloric information right at your fingertips.  Yes, as you can see below, we just ate at Cracker Barrel Tuesday night. 

For my Weight Watcher buddies — all you have to do it put these figures in your PointsPlus calculator and you’ll have your PointsPlus Value!  

I really do love this application!  (I can’t remember, but I think it is free.)

If you know of any cool applications, let me know.  

Have a blessed Wednesday everyone!