I’m not sharing this to put personal information OUT there, but to encourage others!

Our God CARES about our needs and He MEETS them.

As many of you know, I have been on quite a ride with my parents this summer.  My Mom is especially failing and my level of responsibility for them has increased in a major way.

I am their financial power of attorney so it is up to me to juggle their funds and figure out how to meet their financial needs.   (God truly has a sense of humor.  Anyone who knows me would laugh at His choice for this job.)

I have had a $4000 bill that has been siting on my counter for a couple of weeks.   I didn’t know how to pay for it and I didn’t want to borrow money to do it.   I have not shared ANYTHING about this bill with anyone (maybe my siblings — I don’t remember).

Yesterday out of the blue my friend Barbara (I love you Barbara) sent me this text:  Prayer works:  George Mueller who lived in the 1800’s was a great man of prayer.  He literally housed and fed thousands of orphans and never asked anyone for a dime.  He prayed it all in.  Don’t give up today.  God is listening and will move in your situation Lk 18:1 – Pastor Creech.

Since Barbara didn’t say “Hey Beth” or give any type of introduction — I asked her if she meant to send it to me.  She responded that the Holy Spirit had told her to copy me on it.  So there you go.

I said, “Ok Father.  I ask that You significantly decrease that $4000 bill or completely forgive the debt all together in Jesus’ Name.”

After calling the billing department for several weeks, the lady FINALLY called me late yesterday afternoon.  Guess what she said to me?!?!?!?!


She used the exact wording I prayed to God!  She even said that it may go down more.  I am trusting that it is all in God’s caring hands.

I believe we are coming into a time in history where we must hear from Him.  When He says turn left, we need to obey quickly.  Though the earthly economy seems shaken, we serve a God who owns EVERYTHING.

His economy WILL NOT be shaken.

I am linking with Amy at Sign, Miracles, and Wonders to share this song:  CAME TO MY RESCUE by Hillsong.  We sing this at our church and I thought it was fitting with this post.

God bless you all!  Happy Saturday!



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