We are now the happy owners of 26 Rhode Island Red Chickens!  
Long before our daughter was born, I began to ask my husband to build a chicken coop — with no success.  Then since our Princess has aged, she and I have really turned up the heat.  

A few weeks ago something in me rose up and I said, “I really feel we are supposed to have chickens.”  For some reason, my Boaz heard me and hopped right on it.  Yay!

The next thing I knew we were headed to Youngsville to purchase 10 laying hens and a younger rooster.
I posted on Facebook about our purchase and asked if anyone would like some Farm Fresh Eggs and the requests started coming.  Being unexperienced chicken ranchers (ha), we assumed we would get one egg per hen each day.  Well, that isn’t usually the case.  One day we DID get 8 eggs, but for several days we have only received 6.  

So, with back orders — we decided to make another trip to see the “chicken man” and purchased 15 more hens.  These hens are younger and won’t start laying for 4 to 6 weeks.   Eventually we will really have some eggs rolling in (pardon the pun).

 This is so cute to me.  Chickens love to give themselves a good dust bath.  This darling below has wallowed into a nice hole and has thrown dirt all over herself.  Isn’t that sweet?
We are really enjoying our newest hobby.  Each afternoon Princess and I peek into the nests to see if there is a prize waiting for us. 
Look at that smile!
 We had a sweet lady and her two girls show up at our door to purchase some eggs.  Thankfully our first dozen was ready!  Here they are.  Aren’t they beautiful?  We already have 17 orders waiting to be filled.
Yay!  The first purchase of our first dozen eggs!
We love our chickens and are really enjoying them.  They are comical to watch and very gentle.  I’ll show you some pictures of the rooster when he grows.  He will have a beautiful green plume as tail feathers.  Can’t wait!
If you’re local and would like some fresh eggs, let me know and I’ll add you to the list.
Have a blessed day everyone!  If you missed my post yesterday, be sure to take a moment and look around.