Do you hear the shouts of joy coming from my house?

TODAY, November 2nd, the last school group of our 2012 corn maze attended our farm.  It is finally OFFICIALLY behind me for the year!  Hallelujah!

I am not normally a worrier, but we were scheduled to have 153 children (and parents) arrive at 10am and each one was to receive a free pumpkin.  I was too busy yesterday to count to MAKE SURE we had enough pumpkins and  I was restless through most of the night over it.

I normally turn on our bounce houses around 6:30am so they have time to dry before the children arrive, but I was running late this morning and went out around 7:30am.   Seriously, I think God had His Hand in it all because as I drove down to the maze I discovered our Port-o-John company picking up all of our potties and hand washing stations!!!  I had about 200 people coming in 2 hours and we weren’t going to have ANY restrooms OR hand washing stations!   I tried to tell the guy he couldn’t take them and he wouldn’t listen to me.  So what is a girl to do?  Yep, I called in reinforcements – MY HUSBAND!  He talked to him and put his foot down about the situation.  God bless him!

I left to take our daughter to school and prayed, “Well Father, You allowed me to pull out there before he left for a reason.  I am just trusting that I walk in Your favor and this will all work out.”    I was also preparing myself to lead these kids into my house for the restroom.   Yikes!

When I arrived back to the farm, I was SO thankful to find that we had restrooms and hand washing stations for our guests (Thank You Lord)!  Whew, that was a close call!

I won’t list out everything else that increased my stress this morning (such as a big inflatable that was disconnected from its motor — tarps that were disconnected from the ground, etc …), but God worked everything out and it is ALL behind me now.

I truly am breathing a great sigh of relief and am thankful for a safe, successful year.   Oh, and yes — I had enough pumpkins!  I was out there an hour before our employees arrived putting out pumpkins just to make sure!

Oh … and I voted early yesterday!  I am so glad that is behind me too.   Now I wait to see what fate awaits our nation.  God have mercy on us


Have a wonderful weekend everyone!