I have never taken down my Christmas decorations before January 1st, but today I decided it was time for everything Christmas within the house to come down.

As I looked at my mantle, I decided I wanted to do something different.

Ahhhh, my grandparent’s window! I would use that somehow to bring something fresh to our mantle! Thankfully the dear couple who purchased my grandparent’s house gave me one of the old windows that my family has looked through many years.

At first I put it up with some neat flickering white battery operated candles (safest next to a dry wreath). But I decided it needed a touch of color.


What do you think of the wreath hanging on the window? The wreath was given to me by my sweet friend Angie.  I must have been moving because part of the picture is blurry.  Oops!


I changed out the fake candles and replaced with red.



 What do you think?

Thanks for stopping by to see me!