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I don’t venture out a whole lot with do-it-yourself projects, but this one was simple enough.

My daughter’s American Heritage Girl’s troop is having a Mother/Daughter Brunch and I am responsible for the table decorations.   I have some cute stuff planned — pics will follow after the party, but for now — I needed what is known as a frog lid for my mason jars (oops — I mean vases).

I learned how to do it on a blog entitled: Craftaholics Anonymous.  You can find the post I read by clicking HERE.  Her pictures are much prettier than mine.

First, I went to a local hardware store and purchased a roll of 1/2″ galvanized wire mesh.   You can find this in the fencing aisle.

 photo ccf07c32-65e2-4019-bba6-331f6d9746c3_zpsaeaf3b1d.jpg

The blog post I read suggested using a lid to trace on top of the mesh.   I cut one or two before my husband came in and decided to take over.  You definitely need wire cutters – FYI.  Be careful and cover any wooden surface you might use because the metal will scratch your table.  I had a painting drop cloth under the mesh.  You can tell my husband just came in from working.  His hands are good and greasy.

 photo bfd85e6b-52ae-4276-9dce-479a0ebc999d_zpsbe7ea6c5.jpg

Once you cut the wire, just pop it into one of the mason jar screw on rings.   The other blogger suggested using glue to hold the wire in place, but we found it really isn’t necessary.

 photo 4b089f55-61a1-45a6-9e76-8336812f68da_zpsc541af0c.jpg

I decided to give the lid a try.  I walked out to cut some of my Knockout roses.  These have very flimsy stems and wouldn’t normally stay in a wide-mouth vase, but with this mesh, it is easy as pie!

 photo 961ddf7e-80a1-4a00-bff9-767c65d00264_zps5f4c206d.jpg

Ah, me and my new-found mesh will make some lovely arrangements this summer!  I can’t wait!

Let me know if you try this out for yourself.