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Today is our daughter’s 7th birthday!  (Happy Birthday Beautiful!)

Lately when I have studied her face, I have noticed her features changing.  My husband can’t see the changes, but I can.   The shape of her nose is different and the profile of her face is moving, stretching, and growing.

Yesterday I was attempting to clean out our office when I discovered some letters that I had our family members write to our daughter on her first birthday.   Two of the letters were from my parents.  They are priceless pieces of my parent’s hearts scribed and etched in copy for generations to see.   I wept as I read them over and over.   I pray they will be priceless to our daughter someday.

Yes, things have definitely changed around here.  Our daughter’s sweet face has matured and my parents have moved to their eternal destination.

Change can be good and change can be difficult.

Yesterday our daughter shared that her school had another drill.  She had already explained over the past few weeks about fire drills and storm drills, but THIS one was concerning, “If a bad person” came into the school.   The thought made me shudder.    Yes, even the times have changed.  It is horrible that children have to be concerned about “bad people” trying to hurt them.


I wonder what will happen in the next seven years?

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I’m linking with Lisa Jo today at The Gypsy Mama for her 5 Minute Friday challenge.   She provides the prompt and we write for 5 minutes to see what comes out.  Today’s prompt:  CHANGE.

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Have a blessed day everyone!  I will write as often as my schedule allows with our seasonal corn maze business approaching.  Don’t give up on me.