I don’t even know how to begin this post!  I just listened to a sermon by Evangelist Nathan Morris entitled Candy Cane Religion.    I wanted to SHOUT as his words sank deep into my heart.

God gave him a message for Americans and American pastors.

Many pastors in America teach SUGAR COATED MESSAGES that don’t deal with SIN.  Many people leave church services the same way they arrived – bound.

The Holy Spirit told Nathan, “Candy Cane Religion will not see them through the night hour.”

He said Americans want to be fed sweet treats … sweet and fast!

I have seen that for myself.  Most of my foundation was built in a traditional church.  It was always A BIG DEAL that the pastor released the people by noon and if he didn’t — people grumbled.   Even today, there are clocks placed right where the pastors can clearly see them.   People are more concerned about filling their bellies than filling their souls.    On the flip side of that comment, if God’s Power were in the meetings, people would want to linger and not leave His Presence.

There is something I just don’t understand and perhaps I need God to show me if I am wrong.   From what I can tell, people (even if they don’t understand what is going on) are drawn to God’s Presence.   I took a friend and her daughter to a meeting the other night unlike anything they have ever attended.  People were on the floor after receiving prayer and the daughter asked if the people were dead.   We explained what was happening and it wasn’t a distraction to them.    I don’t understand why Charismatic churches even buy into the whole seeker sensitive movement (which is just watered down Christianity).   Where is that Biblical?  Will someone please show me?  It has never sat right in my spirit … never.   Seeker sensitive is the spirit of this age, but WHEN WILL WE WANT TO BE GOD SENSITIVE?  When did Jesus EVER apologize for signs, wonders, and the Truth?   When was He concerned about offending someone’s sensibilities?   It absolutely rubs me the wrong way when people apologize for the Holy Spirit.  How DARE a Christian apologize for their God?

Nathan Morris said, “People in America don’t want to be offended, but the gospel offends!  It offends the proud, but gives grace to the humble.” 

What about the disciples?  After Jesus ascended into heaven and sent the Holy Spirit — did the disciples try to hide Him?  (As if that is even possible!)   Were the disciples apologetic for what the Holy Spirit was about to do?  Did they have to prep the people and say, “Ok now — we are going to introduce you to the Holy Spirit and this is what you will see …”   NO.  After the Holy Spirit filled each disciple in Acts chapter 2, Peter addressed the crowd to explain what HAD happened (without fear of what they would think).  He proceeded to present the gospel and 3000 were saved from that message!

Sugar doesn’t scare the devil~

Demon possessed people are dealt with when God’s Power is in the meeting.  They begin to manifest.  GOD WANTS PEOPLE FREE.  He wants His people equipped and prepared.  How many Christians would know what to do if a demon manifested next to them in a service?  Have they been taught or equipped?  Are they even encouraged to read their Bibles?


I have heard a lot of, ‘Well, back then …. or when I was there … ” — yeah, yeah.  That is AWESOME!  I am grateful and love to hear stories of what God has done in the past, but I also want to see what HE IS DOING TODAY!   If He did those things in someone’s church before — what changed?  Why not now?  What about the young people today who need to understand the gospel and see God’s Power more than any generation in the past?

This is the reality they hear from the world:  Abortion is fine.  Homosexuality is fine.  Same sex marriage is fine.  Don’t offend anyone or you are considered a hater!   You must be politically correct. 

None of that is Biblical that I can see.

People need to hear about the power of the Blood of Jesus!  THE GOSPEL IS THE POWER OF GOD UNTO SALVATION.  When the BLOOD is preached, hell must recognize it and bow.   Nathan said ministers can’t go to a place like Africa with a watered down message.  It must be the BLOOD.    There is only ONE gospel:  THERE IS ONLY ONE ANTIDOTE TO SIN AND ONLY ONE WAY INTO HEAVEN.  THE BLOOD OF JESUS IS THE ONLY WAY TO OVERCOME AND THE ONLY WAY TO HEAVEN.

The fear of God is the BEGINNING of wisdom (Psalm 111:10).  

Nathan’s message to pastors:  PREACH THE WORD.  CALL SIN WHAT IT IS AND EXPLAIN TO THE PEOPLE HOW IT WILL DAM (or did he mean damn) THEIR SOULS.

I don’t mean to sound harsh folks.  I just ALWAYS want MORE!   I want times of worship to press into God until His presence is so weighty that we can’t stand before Him.  How can we do that when there are always time constraints?

What is the answer?

Thank you for taking the time to read this post.   Be sure to check out Nathan Morris with Shake the Nations.  I ordered his MP3 player that has 11 of his messages from the Bay Revival.

For those who are hungry and in agreement with this post, PRAY.