I’m linking with the Gypsy Mama for her 5-Minute Friday Meme.    She gives us a topic and we write about it for 5 minutes.  No critiquing or editing — just write and see what pours out.

Today’s word:  BEYOND

Start: 6:04am

I want to see beyond our natural boundaries.

I want my eyes to be open to the spirit realm and see into heaven.  I want to be transported into another realm that is actually more real than what we see with our natural eyes.

Beyond our capabilities — that is where I want to explore.  Beyond what any man could receive glory for … beyond any praise given to a human.

I want to see the secret things.  The hidden things.  Beyond all possibility with human intellect.

Beyond — into the deep things of God.  Beyond my level of understanding.

It is my heart’s desire to have sweet time with the Lord and grow in Him.  Less of me and this noisy flesh of mine.  Beyond any selfish attitudes I own.

The old lyrics, “Somewhere over the rainbow …”  That is where my thoughts are when I think of the word “beyond” this morning.  I yearn for the things that are our of my reach in the natural.

But through Christ — anything is possible for those who believe.

Stop: 6:09am

Have a great weekend everyone!

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