Hello Friends. I am guilty as charged. I am a very slack award participant. Even though I am SO thankful for each award bestowed upon my blog, I have been negligent in properly thanking my friends and forwarding them on to others.

Since all of my friends are deserving and worthy of these awards (because I don’t hang out with losers — hee hee), PLEASE take one or ALL for yourself (well, except for the prayer warrior award because I believe Rosel drew this herself).

Sweet Rosel gave me this award.

And Rosel gave me this award.
Chris was kind to give me this award.

Hope and Chris shared this award with me.

Tim passed the award along.

Another great award from Tim.

Sweet Hope shared this award with me.

Last, but not least — this yummy award from Nannette!

I have some of the best friends in the world. Thanks everyone! I pray you’re enjoying your Sunday!