My sweet Aunt Jane emailed me a while back to see if I wanted my great-grandfather’s tobacco stringing bench.   I’m not quite sure what to call it, but anyway — YES!  Of course I did!

I received another email this morning asking if we could come soon.   Since it was a rainy day, we were able to head to her home.   Our truck was so packed when we left, we actually resembled the Beverly Hillbillies.  Ha.

From the time I arrived and Aunt Jane started showing me the items, my tears began to flow.  To others, this would probably be junk, but to me — many pieces hold sweet memories.  If not memories, my ancestors held these pieces in their hands.

 This frame below is very old and belonged to a great great maybe even another great someone in my family line.    A mirror was placed in it and now it hangs in my den.


Aunt Jane also gave me the big wooden bowl in the top right corner.   I had the perfect spot just waiting for it!


This yellow ware bowl (the huge one) was another gift.  It was actually from my uncle’s side of the family.   I love it!


This particular gift really made the tears flow.  It was a quilt that my grandmother made back in the 1930’s.   Looks like it is in GREAT shape!  My Aunt Jane said when my grandmother had a quilting B, she (as a young girl) would sit under the quilt and listen to all of the ladies gossip.


This next piece made me sob too.   My granddaddy lost most of his left arm when shucking corn.  It was a horrible accident.  Aunt Jane said he refused to have a prosthetic arm, but had this leather piece below that he could strap over his stump (which was near his elbow) so that he could hold a hoe or other garden implement.


My granddaddy had a little country store and I was given a couple of his shelf canisters.   These cookies were sold for a penny!


This was one of my grandmother’s dining room chairs.


My great-grandfather Matthew made this little chair.  It once lived in that country store for some reason.


This was my great-grandmother’s cake pan.   Seriously, would she have ever imagined her great-granddaughter holding her pan?


This chair just makes me laugh because my grandmother painted everything with this green paint.


This chair was from my grandmother and granddaddy’s breakfast room.  However, Aunt Jane pointed out that granddaddy called this his “slipper” chair.  He cut the legs off so that it sat near the ground.   He would put his foot up on the chair to put on his shoes.


Here is the tobacco stringing piece that my great-grandfather Matthew made.   It still has some of his tobacco twine on it!


 This is a paddle that my grandmother used to stir clothes in a boiling pot.


Here is an old basket that my Aunt Jane once slept in as a baby.  She said my grandmother kept it in the store and placed her in it (I guess when she was there working).


These made me cry too — some of my grandmother’s kitchen utensils.   Aunt Jane said that my daddy told her that I was just like her because I would cry over anything.  Thanks Daddy.  Ha.


My grandmother fried a LOT of corn bread in this little pan.


This basket was made by another great-grandmother.  Another aunt painted it — unfortunately.  But it is still sweet.


I have some other gifts that aren’t that old, but these were the main items I wanted to share so that my family could see them.

I am SO BLESSED to have these pieces of my family history!   Thank you SO MUCH Aunt Jane!  I am grateful and I love you!