Our sweet little Princess is starting to ask questions about adoption. She really doesn’t use the word “adoption” because honestly, we’ve never made a big deal out of it.

We have always talked about adoption around her, but could only feed information to her as she could understand.

A couple of years ago I had a little book created about her adoption story. She was NOT interested. Ha. Time passed and I tried to talk to her about adoption again and I shared this carefully thought-out speech and she said, “Mommy, do we have any jelly beans?”

Now that she is 4 1/2, she understands that she grew in someone’s tummy, then God brought her to Mommy and Daddy. I can still remember the day she asked about the time she was in my tummy. God ALONE kept me from crying. I had a big smile on my face and shared how I would have given anything to have carried her in my tummy, but God had another plan.

She has asked me a couple of times out of the blue about this person who carried her in her tummy. I finally explained yesterday that she is called her birth mother. She didn’t quite “get it” until I said, “Ok, you know how our cows give birth? Well, this woman carried you in her tummy and gave birth to you. That is why she is called a birth mother.” I then went through my friend’s family to explain how 3 of her children came to her because their birth mother died and the family couldn’t take care of them. I shared how another birth mother was too young. My little one said, “Is my birth mother alive?” I said, “Oh yes Honey. She lives in _________ and I’m sure she thinks about you all of the time.” She said, “And her name is funny isn’t it?” as we said her name again together (it is a very different name). Then I reassured her that she has been with Mommy and Daddy since birth and that God placed her with us. She smiled and moved on to another conversation.

It hurts. I would love nothing more for my daughter to have grown in my womb so that she wouldn’t have to face these question and answer sessions.

I am thankful that we had such a supernatural experience with our situation. God gave us the date of conception a month before she was even conceived. Before she was conceived, God had destined for her to be in our arms. Of course, with each adoption, God knows, God plans. What happens that God doesn’t already see? NOTHING.

My husband and I love our daughter more than words can say. I pray we will always have the words to answer her little “heart-questions” … words that speak truth but are so bathed in love that no sting or dart will come near her.

Thanks for listening. God is faithful and He has mighty plans for our little one. I have no doubt that He will continue to give us words to speak LIFE, HOPE, JOY, and SECURITY into our child.

To our Princess: You are a mighty young lady in the Kingdom of God. You have such an anointing on your life and you will lead many into healing and freedom. Daddy and I are excited about your future because we see the favor that already rests upon you. People are drawn to you little Princess. Your smile lights up a room and changes the atmosphere. You will never know how much we love you and how very proud you make us. We are honored and blessed to be your parents. We love you – always.